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Musical Theatre Summer Camp

July 11 - 15, 2016   -  9:30 am -12:30 pm

Ages 7 - 11

Do you enjoy singing, dancing and acting?? Then why not join our Musical Theatre Summer Camp!

Eary Bird Registration: June 11th  $108.00

Regular Registration: July 2nd  $120.00

Please call for more information or to register - 834-1862


Kindermusik Adventures Camp

Join us for a 5 week session of Kindermusik Adventures Camp!!

In just 5 sessions you will play, learn, sing, dance, create and share in the fun of music making.

Deadline to register is May 14th.


Ages newborn to 18 months - Busy Days - Kindermusik Adventures

Tuesdays from 9:30am - 10:15am starting May 24 and ending June 21, 2016

$105.00 (includes At Home Activity Kit and five 45-minute classes)


Ages 18 months to 3 years - Zoo Train - Kindermusik Adventures

Saturdays from 10:30am to11:30am starting May 28 and ending June 25, 2016

$135.00 (includes At Home Activity Kit, five 60-minute classes and a craft activity)


Ages 3 - 5 years - Tell Me A Tale - Kindermusik Adventures

Saturdays from 11:45am to 12:45pm starting May 28 and ending June 25, 2016

$135.00 (includes At Home Activity Kit, five 60-minute classes and a craft activity)





E-mail invitations will be going out within the next week so keep an eye on your inboxes, everyone!




November is Canada Music Month here at The Music Corner!

To help celebrate the CFMTA's Canada Music Week, we will be highlighting some of our favorite Canadian composers and musicians throughout the month of November. 

November 20th - Glenn Gould

In today's installment of Canada Music Appreciation posts, we are taking a brief detour from Canadian composers to look at one of Canada's classical music stars, Glenn Gould (1932-1982). 

Here is a link to Glenn Gould's official webpage, which includes a short biography, galleries, recordings, and videos! 

Here is a video of Gould playing one of Johann Sebastian Bach's Concerto No. 7 in G minor:

November 18th - Linda Niamath

Canada Music Week has officially begun! Today we take a look at Linda Niamath, a composer from British Colombia who writes beautiful and fun music for young musicians. Full of character and imagery, her pieces are rewarding to learn and are ideal for introducing musicality in students developing their own musical voice.

Here's a video of Dr. Alan Huckleberry of the UI Piano Pedagogy Project playing Niamath's dreamy and magical piece, Rainbow. Enjoy!

November 13th - Clifford Crawley

Clifford Crawley is a well-known and respected composer originally from England who now lives in our own back yard... St. John's! He has written music for many instruments and chamber ensembles, and his piano music in partictular has been highlighted in the Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations as well as numerous compilations of Canadian music. Repertoire by Clifford Crawley comes in a large range of difficulty and character, so there is something for everyone!

Here's a recording of one of our RCM favorites, Yes, Sir! Can't you just picture a jovial, important-looking  man walking through a busy street?

November 6th - Anne Crosby

Anne Crosby hails from Bedford, Nova Scotia, and is a celebrated pedagogue and composer of piano music perfect for growing musicians. If you have attended any of our recitals, Anne Crosby's beautiful and catchy music is littered throughout as our students absolutely LOVE her music... and so do our teachers! Anne's background of being a masterful teacher of piano to students of all ages gives her compositions the unique quality of being a joy to teach, as well as a joy to learn. 

Here's a video of Anne herself playing a recital and Kiwanis Music Festival favorite, In My Dreams. Enjoy!

Anne Crosby's Website

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